Why I Prefer to Pray at UCH Mosque

I love to observe Jumu’ha at these two places University of Ibadan or UCH, but I love to pray at UCH and the reason is I learn so much there aside from the thought provoking sermon that would bring tears to your face( those that work or use to pray there can testify to this) I learned so much from praying at UCH.. let me share some of those lessons with you.

There are two entrances to UCH, if you are going to the mosque(UCH central mosque) and you pass through the main gate, you will pass through the mortuary..this is one of the lesson..the last time I observed Jumu’ha at UCH I counted more than six(6) corpses, they were carrying one out of the ward, one has being packed already in the bus ready for burial, yet there are more than three vehicles whose boot were opened waiting for the body to be placed in there I also saw people wailing, waiting to receive the body of their loved ones who passed away..the lesson here is, it reminded me that nothing in this world that worth losing the hereafter for, it also reminded me that one day it would be my turn..

Before prayer the Imam would employ us to contribute into patient relief funds..he would say go to the wards go and see what Allah the fashioner has turned a human like you into… Some of those patients pray that Allah should take their souls so as to be free from pains yet he won’t take it some will survive, others will remain in that state for years before he finally takes their souls..then I ask myself is my own problems bigger than these? What if HE tested me with such? May we not be tested with illness.. or I’m I better or more pious than those that are sick? This taught me gratefulness, it taught me contentment and compassion…

Oh you who have believed that Allah is one and Muhammad is His messenger! what exactly are you praying for that has made you said lots of horrible words to the one that made you? is your own problems bigger than  this one? Have you being tested with an Illness that you have to beg for funds to buy drugs or to survive? Have you not being breathing without aid? Then why are you so ungrateful?

Another opportunity is here for you, make good use of the best days of the year, pray to Him, seek His forgiveness..

Have you forgotten the one that split the red sea for Prophet Musa?

Have you forgotten He cool the fire for Ibrahim?

Have you forgotten that He granted Muhammad (pbuh) victory at the battle of Badr?

Allah is sufficient for you..

Probably He hasn’t given you what you want because it is dangerous for you to possess it now,

Maybe if your wish is granted it will take your Islam.from you that is why He wants you to experience some hardship..

He won’t test you more than you can bear

Be patient  and be hopeful.

We beseech ALLAAH  to heal those that are sick,

Console and strengthen those that are grieving,

Bless the barren with pious children,

Rectify our affairs for us,

Wipe our secret tears and redeem the glory and honour of Nigeria, grant us peace and tranquility..for YOU are OUR Lord and OUR SAVIOUR aamiin .


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