Christian Brother Gets Owned By Lucas Bashir (From 2016)

Few days ago, I was traveling, got on the phone, gave  some verses in the Bible and Qur’an. I alighted then a man swiftly walked up to me and the following conversation ensued ;

Man: Sorry sir

Me: Yes?

Man: this is the first time I am seeing a Muslim quote the Bible

Me: Eeyah, Actually, I was a Christian, now a Muslim.

Man: Ah, I have seen Muslims become Christians, I have never seen a Christian become Muslims

Me: eeyah, it is because you don’t want to see sir. There are millions.

Man: but why did you change?

Me: As you can see, I am heading somewhere and we are in the public, I will give you my phone number so you can contact me (gives him the number)

Man: Thank you, which area are you heading to?

Me: I am walking down the road

Man: I am going the same way, I will stop at FCMB. could you please tell me why you reverted while we keep walking?

Me: Okay… I don’t even know where to start. Well, for a start, the true mode of worship is lost in Christianity. In Matthew 26:39, The Bible says Jesus bowed to God, even Satan asked Jesus to bow to him in Matthew 4-8,meaning that Satan also knew what reverence is there to bow down in worship. In 2Kings 17:36, the Bible asks us to fear God alone and to Him alone should we bow in worship. Jesus never clapped , sing, jumped, wiggled, twisted while worshiping God rather he bowed. So, all modern forms of worship in Christianity today were not taught by Jesus neither did he went to church on Sunday in the Bible.

Man: But David clapped and sang to God.

Me: are you a Davido or a Christian? If you are a Christian, follow Jesus. I really wish there is time. You believe Jesus died for your sins, right?

Man: Yes

Me: Do you love Jesus?

Man: Of course, anyone who rejects Jesus shall perish.

Me: you really do love him?

Man: very very dearly.

Me: were you to be alive about 2000 years ago and Jesus was about to be crucified, and it is in your capacity to save him, would you save your darling Jesus or let him die?

Man : (Laughing), you this man ehn…

Me: You see, Jesus prayed to God to be saved from death if God wills,  being exceedingly sorrowful in Matthew 26:39 while Hebrew 5:7 confirms that his prayer was heard attesting to Psalm 37 :28 which says God does not forsake his righteous proving to us that the one saying “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  in Matthew 27 :46 and Mark 15:34 couldn’t have been Jesus since God doesn’t forsake his righteous ones.

Man : You are just quoting verses upon verses

Me : are they not in your Bible?, I am giving you these verses so you can note them down then confirm them when you get your Bible. Can someone who wasn’t sent to the world die for the world?

Man : I don’t understand

Me : Jesus forbade his disciples from going to the house of the gentiles nor to the city of the Samaritans because HE WAS SENT TO THE LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL in Matthew 10:5-6, And having ignored a woman from Canaan seeking healing for her daughter, he said that he was sent ONLY to the lost sheep of Israel in Matthew 15:24, so Jesus couldn’t have died for the sins of humanity.

Man: You don’t understand. In the olden days, they do kill animals as atonement for their sins. Why are you no longer doing it today, it is because Jesus died for us.

Me: Haha, the Egyptians weren’t making such sacrifice  not even the Canaanites, no nation except Israel. Also note that, The supposed crucifixion of Jesus changed nothing in the tradition of Israel, he was crucified according to the Bible as a criminal not as an atonement for their sins. He was a common man, of no eminence amongst the Jews and he was hunted. That aside, In Ezekiel 18:20 and Deuteronomy 24:16, the Bible says The son shall not die for the sins of father and vice versa, everyone shall bear the consequences of their actions either righteousness or iniquity, so why should Jesus die for us?

Man: (stammering and trembling), are you now saying that the Bible is fake because I once saw a Muslim who said the Bible is fake.

Me: That Muslim does not know what he is saying

Man: Exactly.

Me: Perhaps he is confused as to which Bible he should choose as the word of God given that the Catholic Bible consists of 73 Books and the protestant Bible consists of 66 books not to mention the Jewish orthodox Bible and others. You know it could be much more confusing when you even realise that the protestant Bibles themselves do not agree. For instance, the NIV, RSV, NWT unceremoniously expunged sixteen verses from their own Bible which are present in the KJV. Check the NWT, you will find Romans 16 :23 and 25 but you won’t find verse 24.

Even, the each Bible contradicts itself in contrast to the Qur’an which is sacrosanct not because it is above criticism but it is void of corruption, being incorruptible and has remained in its pure pristine purity for over a Millennium. So, the Muslim might be right. If he says the Bible is fake, give him the original.

Man: Well, I don’t judge if one religion is good or bad, all I know is that everybody should practise what they want.

Me: But I didn’t stop you for a conversation, you did. look, what is that?

Man: A car

Me: Why are you judging?

Man: I didn’t.

Me: Fine. You see, pointing out what is wrong as wrong is not judging, it is just like calling a car a car.

Man: See, I know Many Muslims. Muslims believe in God, and they believe there is Allah and Allah is the slave of God.

Me: (talking amidst laughter) Please, what did you eat this morning? You must have eaten frozen rice (استغفرالله العظيم).

Allah means God in Arabic and Muhammad (SAW) is believed to be the Messenger of Allah (God). Just contact me since you now have my number.

Man: okay, thank you.

Me : You are welcome.


If the disbelievers can’t stand answering simple questions from Muslims who are mere mortals, questions that make them fret, stammer and tremble, how are they going to withstand being questioned by the creator of Heaven and earth? الله سبحان و تعالى

May we not go astray… Ameen

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

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