Your Old Friends Need Your Help

ALAO Akala hardly spent weekend in Ibadan as Governor. Every Friday, he must sleep in Ogbomoso. One day on his way to Ogbomoso with entourage, he peeped from his car, saw a man whose car broke down on the road trying to fix his tyres…. Akala asked his convoy to park… Everyone was shocked, not knowing that the man on the road was Akala secondary school mate in Ghana.

He jumped down from the car, rushed to the man, the two embraced each other, even with the dusty hands of his friend, Akala didn’t mind. After little talks, Akala asked the man to give his key to one of his aides… “You fix this car and meet us at home”…. He asked his friend to join him in his own car. They went to the Governor’s house in Ogbomoso.

After eating Amala, Gbegiri and Ewedu… They discussed at length how life had treated them both since their departure from Ghana. “why haven’t you come to greet me, don’t you know I’m the Governor?” Akala asked…. “It’s not easy to see you, they’ll just embarrass me for nothing…”

Akala, immediately, gave him a brand new Toyota Camry and some money….. “See me on Monday in office with a good proposal”….

Though, I didn’t know the outcome of his visit afterwards, but I presumed that it ended up in praise.

Yes, by the grace of God, many of us are doing well and you have not seen many of your mates and colleagues for almost two(2) decades, yet you are not perturbed on how they are fairing. Maybe, you are probably waiting for their timely or untimely obituary announcement (God forbid), before busy bodying on how much to contribute for their funerals. That is also good, but not good enough and not the best.

That was how he changed the fortune of his friend who he hadn’t seen in decades…….

May God answer your prayers too.

 *Be nice to your friends irrespective of their status, tribes, religion, ethnicity.


Many of us had had opportunities and are still having opportunities up till now, to help our colleagues in one way or the other, but we looked the other way round.

How many of your class mates or friends have you ever helped when you had the opportunity?

Don’t you see their calls or messages as a disturbance?

Didn’t you become terror?  

Didn’t you use them as slaves because they are serving under you?  

Don’t you behave as if where you are today is your own making.

Were you the most brilliant while you were in school?  

Akala played his part in the life of his class mates well.  You too should play your  part in the lives of your class mates/friends well.

You will soon expire and become ‘ex, …. former ……., immediate past…….’. in that position.

The children of your class mates/friends may one day pay back your children in the coin with which you paid their parents.

“Everything in life is but for a time and season”. Do something now, before something go do you oooo.

Keep sharing this in all the platform you belong, maybe, somebody might be touched and be blessed.

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