When Your Timing Becomes Useless

Some days ago , there was a football match  between England and Italy. I’m sure a lot of people watched it.

I did not but I’d like to share something around that.

When next a game is on,  take a look at the players, the referees, the linesmen and the spectators.

Out of all these category of people, the only people who don’t wear a wrist watch are the players on the field.

They get into the pitch and play their hearts out knowing that even though they don’t know the exact time, the exact minute the game will end and the whistle will be blown,  they are conscious of the fact that the game will definitely end when the one holding the time blows his whistle.

I liken this to our race here on earth.

We are on the pitch of play called life.

And even though we all wear wrist watches, they are just a man-made devise to guide our daily activities and give us a sense of timing. The one who holds time is somewhere waiting and watching us play our game on the pitch of life. He has a whistle. When the time is up, by HIS own timing, he will blow the whistle and the game will be over and then winners and loosers will emerge and rewards will be given to deserving players.

It is only after the referee’s whistle has sounded that I notice people weep or jubilate.

They cry and gnash their teeth because, it’s all over! The game is over and the time is up!  They weep because  they see missed opportunities, missed scoring chances, but by that time, the time is up! The game is over.

And those who celebrate do so because they won the match. They were adjudged winners and deserving of the much – contested trophy.

Let me encourage you today, dear friends, that your wristwatch is not the time.

Oh no its not!

The time is with the one who created time and only HE determines when the time starts and stops for each one of us.

With this in mind, let’s strive for mastery and reach for the goal as we play on the pitch of life…

The play is still on

I sense we have long returned from our half-time break.

I sense that we may perhaps be in our extra time, just incase we will capitalise on the extra time to hit the goal correctly….

Tick – tack-tick-tack… Time is going…

It is not our wristwatch that’s reading, it’s God’s time ticking away….

Play your game well.

Play it with utmost concentration.

Shut out the spectators who are either cheering or jeering.

Keep your eyes on the goal post .


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