When Two Lovely Doves Fight… – A True Life Story

My wife and I had a fight yesterday. It was a serious one. The first of it kind. I usually do not talk much, or exchange words, but yesterday,  I was like a barking bull dog. I was giving her word for word, and sending my words in such a way that it stung her heart like a bee.

At a point, my wife broke down in tears and started shouting and crying like a mad dog. I simply wore my cloth so I could leave the house and go where I could have peace of mind. But she chased me to the sitting room with a bowl of water and emptied it on me.

My anger boiled. I was soaked to my pants. I ran after her and she fell on the cushion. For the first time in my life, I raised my hands to slap her. She folded herself like a snake and shielded her face in fear.

*Then I stopped.*

I took in a deep breath and exhaled. I left her in the sitting room and walked back into the bedroom to change.

My wife was shocked. While I walked out of the house, she sat like a log of wood, frozen to her feet. She had never seen me raise my hands in an attempt to hit her before. This was the first time.

I felt guilty at some point. I felt guilty for attempting to hit my wife with my hands. I  was restless. This was something I had never done before; not to her, or to any woman in my life.

That evening, while returning home, I stopped and bought her a bouquet of flower and chocolates from a shop. When I got home, she was not sitting in the sitting room as she usually does.

I knew she was upset. My wife always ran to welcome me the moment she hears me drive in. But that day, she left the door open for me.

She had served my dinner on the table but was not even close. I dropped the flower and chocolates on the dinning and walked into the bedroom in search of her. When I got into the bedroom, I found my wife on her both knees holding an apology card in her hands. She had written and placed a cardboard on the wall which read *”PLEASE FORGIVE ME BABY.”*

I gazed around the beautiful design and decorations in the room. As an event planner that she was, I could tell that this was a perfectly planned apology. The soft solo music that played, made my heart melt like an ice dipped in hot water.

*”I am sorry, I pushed you too far.”* She said.

I walked to my wife and lifted her off the ground. I kissed and embraced her. I led her to the dining and handed her the flower and chocolates I had gotten her.

*”I am sorry for everything.”*

My wife smiled. We embraced ourselves, and that evening it was like our romance was kindled back. We found ourselves chasing each other like puppies round the house.

While I went to bed that night, I asked myself. Will the result had been the same if I had lost my temper and beaten my wife blue and black?

*Definitely not.*

*As a man, your ability to control your emotions at the highest peak, even when you’ve been pushed to the wall, shows your ability to handle certain circumstances tactfully when they arrive.*

Just like my father will always say, any man who can handle a woman, make her happy, and still be happy himself, can handle any problem in life.

*I am not saying women are problems. I am saying women just need to be understood the right way, treated like angels, and loved beyond extreme measure despite their flaws.*

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