Two junior barristers design and launch hijabs for court in the UK

The barristers designed the headwear after realising that none of the usual court outfitters sell the product.

Two junior barristers from Doughty Street Chambers have teamed up to design and launch a range of hijabs to wear in the UK courts.

The product, created by criminal barristers Karlia Lykourgou and Maryam Mir, is aimed towards Muslim advocates who struggle to find appropriate legal headwear.

The hijab, which has gone on sale since March 31st, comes in black and white.

“It came about after I spoke to Maryam, who I have known since university, who said she finds it hard to get a hijab that is right for court,” Ms Lykourgou told Sky News.

“I thought this was crazy, so we decided to design one that would be comfortable for a hijab-wearing barrister but also fit well with the rest of the outfit.”

Ms Lykourgou designed the hijab, while Ms Mir ensured that it would be appropriate for barristers to wear in court.


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