*Dear Garri*, I have always wanted to write this to you because you’ve been there for me when others left, so I decided to eulogize and define you in a special way.

G = Giver of Energy.*

A = Attitude changer (from bad mood to good mood )

R = Reducer of weakness in the muscles and joints*

I= Increaser of agility*

Some friends have described you in many ways like

* STUDENTS power*

* Life support.*

* The last hope of the common man*

* Weakness extinguisher*

* Palliative for COVID-19*

* You are the first son of cassava*

* The sibling of Akpu (fufu or loi loi)*

* The father of Eba*

* The cousin to Tapioca…*

My Love for you is indescribable,.

CORN flakes came, but he left me.

Golden morn also came but left me too.

But you came and stood by me

Oh dear *old Garri*, you are a *loyal friend to the Rich*, and *Bestie to the Poor.*

You’re always compatible with everything. I enjoy taking you with




*Kulikuli ( child to groundnut )*


*Moi-Moi ( child to beans)*

*Akara (sibling to moi-moi)*

You work hand in hand with your associates like

*Sugar, Milk, Coconut, Soya milk etc*

*Beloved Garri*, I will never leave you or abandon you, for your taste is more than a thousand corn flakes.Even Lasa Fever can’t stop me from taking you cos you have always been there for me