Every successful relationship is a collective effort of both parties.

Every door that has a lock has a key, so the door of a blissful home requires certain keys to unlock it.

1 . AFFECTION (LOVE) loving one another is the foundation of every glorious home.

Love is sacrificial.

Love gives

Love seek the interest of others

Love is gentle.

Love is patient,

Love is not self willed,not continually concerned with his or her own ways, ideas or wishes.

2.ATTENTION : Be available, communicate. Listen to one another.

More importantly, women need more listening ear.

Marriage requires physical, spiritual and emotional attention. No matter how busy you are, always know when to relate with your spouse. To be glued to internet and forget your partner is an error. Lack of Adam’s attention to Eve opened the door for Satan.

Men, note that women are not originally created for work, so they need more of your attention than your work.

3.APPRECIATION  Always celebrate your spouse. Learn to say thank you.

I believe that Appreciation is a key to a sustainable success in marriage.

Appreciate your wife when she set the table and even when she returns from the salon.Praise the hair style whether you like it or not or else she might loose the hair that moment.

Before you complain of too much pepper or salt, thank her for the meal first.if possible finish eating before any word.For wisdom is profitable to direct.

Men, have you asked your self this question

Why do women always have a mirror in their bags?

They  want to feel good all the time.So be your wife’s mirror. Tell her she looks good for you.  Appreciate every bit of kindness.

# If you don’t celebrate what you have,some one else is warming up for it.

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