The Making of Rage

The Making of Rage

We can look at anger in two different lights, but when anger harms others then we know it is rage, which is the root of evil. Rage is a fit of uncontrolled anger that strikes out in violent wrath and is a form of insanity. Anger when raged is an act of passion, or an intense emotion forced to act out on another source. Jealousy, hate, greed are a few source of the emotional forces. Hate is an intense emotion that is stemmed from fear in all cases, which includes threatening, harming. The less severe threats are disrespecting, humiliation, betrayal and obstruction. Although the less severe can lead to a chaotic situation, it is less likely that a person will become raged if someone is not harming them physically.

Of course, this is an exception, since there are people that will become raged over simple things, including nothing at all. Borderline personality types will become enraged when they feel abandoned, insulted emotionally, or if they feel another person betrayed them. Sometimes the person is correct in their line of thinking, but in many cases, they are not. For example, if a person with borderline personality disorder is in a relationship and feels they are loosing control it is often because they feel abandoned or betrayed. They will hunt you down and harm you if they feel anyway hurt because of your actions or behaviors.

They will call the workplace numerous of times, or else stalk you when you are at work. These types are often angered and the underlying source is jealousy and greed. Anger has hatred at the roots automatically, whether a person is acting out appropriately or not. For example, if a person hates something that another person do, they may address the situation appropriately by letting them know that they hate what the person has done. A person with uncontrollable anger differs, simply because they do not always necessary hate what a person is doing, rather they hate people in general. This is when anger becomes deadly.

Another type of rage can be seen in personality types, including narcissistic types or paranoid personality types. These people believe that they are a special breed of people and everyone else is below them. This type of thinking is known as Grandiosity. This makes the person (s) superficial since they are in an illus ional state of mind. The person (s) emotions and feelings are usually artificial and have no grounds for purpose. NOTE: Paranoid Schizophrenias often act out in anger on several different levels. Because of the difference in anger expressed,

it makes it difficult to determine when these types are mad. For example, a paranoid schizophrenia may have a history of violence, but it is short-lived, while other behaviors are more noticeable. During the younger portion of a paranoid schizophrenias life is when they are most aggressive, however, since their level of anger is unpredictable it pays to stay alert when dealing with this type. If you are trying to understand rage or anger, you can read the history of murders, rape, vandalism, and other related crimes. Read through the fine lines and you will see hate, greed, jealousy and rage all combined. Rarely does a person that attacks another individual have justifiable cause. When a person acts out on his or her emotion, generally the root is hatred. On the other hand, if another abuses a person repeatedly individual they may act out in rage.

This person is responding to anger that has built up over a period. The person may not hate the source that caused all the hurt, which made them respond, but may not realize this until it is too late. If you want to see, anger built up over a time, and then read the many accounts of women that have been abused by a mate for a number of years. Then, the making of rage is seen in episodes where a person has been continuously abused, while uncontrolled anger lies inside the mind of the mentally ill. Alcohol and drug abuse plays another role in uncontrolled anger, however it is not true that everyone that acts out in rage is a substance abuser.

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