The Johnsons TV Show And Its Insensitivity To Onomastic Integrity.

There’s a popular comedy series called “The Johnsons” shown mostly on the DStV African Magic Family channel. I have to accept that the creative storylines are very hilarious and therapeutic.

 But beyond the entertainment, there’s more to the series that require scrupulous attention.

 The gateman’s name, yes “GATEMAN” whose characater tells of more DEGRADING role in the show is MUHAMMAD, yeah, MUHAMMAD ( coincidence right ?)   and the wife is AISHA.

Well, this may not immediately sound bizzare because the Muslims values and codes of conducts are often degraded in movies, like using Muslim names for gatemen and so on. This is seen as normal by those in the entertainment.

But to now choose MUHAMMAD as a name of the gateman, and his wife’s name to be AISHA is mind puzzling.

  The director/producer of the The Johnsons Show surely deliberately chose those names, discerning clearly that the revered prophet of Islam is Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be Upon him) and his wife’s name was Aisha(May Allah be pleased with her) in REALITY.

 Such cantankerous insensitivity is seen as normal display of “Work of Arts” in the entertainment industry.  Perhaps, imagine having a movie series and the cleaner and car wash guy is named Jesus, and the mother of of the character is named Mary in the same movie. Would it still sit well with you as “Work of Arts”? And that there’s nothing more to it? And it’s just entertainment ?.

Well this won’t sit well with me as a Muslim because Islam teaches me to respect Jesus and Quran itself dedicated a chapter(Chapter 19) for Mary( May Allah have mercy on her) as a woman of integrity. The chapter tells that she was an immaculate woman who was pure of all the allegations against her and gave birth to Jesus miraculously through the words of God, and Jesus spoke from cradle, gave charity and worshipped God truly.(You can read on from English translation of the Quran chapter 19. Chapter of Mary)

The series have been on air for more than 4 years I think. No one has raised any issue on the subtle attack on the personality of Muhammad in the show, even though many may find it highly displeasing. The day the Muslims would begin to ask the producers of the show questions of the insensitivity in the casts’ nomenclatures and the vindictive choice of appellations behind the gateman and his wife, some bigots would start bringing forth lessons about TOLERANCE.

The last time Olamide sang “See Mary, See Jesus”(though I do not approve of this too), CAN was unprecedentedly furious, and pressured NBC to halt the play of the Music on the domestic radio stations IMMEDIATELY. Yes, I support CAN on this. They have the rights to protect their religious values.

But the same CAN and some bigots would watch gleefully with admirable enthusiasm when the rights of others are being violated and would even rise against them when they spring for their rights in court.

We do not accept that Jesus (Peace be Upon him) would approve of injustice to others, and we hope many people would follow him in this regard.

The crystal truth remains crystal. You can’t jeopardize or deliberately obsfuscate people from their rights forever. Someday, it would be challenged legally. And that is what we are experiencing now. Many issues have to still take a legal actions beyond the rights of a Muslim girl to use Hijab in public schools.

The Muslims in the South West would continue to peacefully seek redress and challenge their long ostracization of their rights in court to seek justice. Trust me, there are many issues to be digged beyond a girl child’s right seeking to use Hijab in the government school.

(Note: I know some people always force their sanity to read content to reflect the devil’s dwelling in them already. This post is NOT about inciting violence. It is a subtle touch on many rights and identities of others that have been horredously stampled upon and seen as normal in our society. Peaceful LEGAL actions would be taken on many issues at due time. And the time is now)

Aweda 1442AH

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