My life in Social Media Streets

My name is sister Jedeedah. I am a sister of 21. I am in my final year level. I am a victim of Facebook post. If I were asked that what did I regret using most in my life, I will say vividly that it is a smartphone, no ‘Facebook’ to be precise.

I opened my Facebook account while I was 17 years. Then, I was in Senior Secondary School 2. Then, I was using a small phone, Tecno but wasn’t an android phone. So, I wasn’t a freak about what was happening on the street of Zuckerberg which is also known as Facebook.

I got my first android phone, Infinix when I gained admission to a higher institution. My parents saw it as a necessity then. They didn’t know that it was the instrument that will destroy my life. If they know, they wouldn’t have allowed me to use it for once.

Hmmm, dear friend, I believe that Facebook is a path to Hell. I have deleted it on my phone and I will not and never have it installed till I die. This is a covenant I have made with my Lord. Though, my discretion on the use of Facebook may be different from yours. But I wish you learn from my past. Don’t judge me present with this story because _”Inna Llaha, Gafuurun Raheem”_.

I started using my beautiful smartphone for assignments as planned for my parents but at a point in time, I started mingling with ‘Maa shallah sisters’. Sisters like sister Sageerah, sister Kitaabah and sister Nabdah are Facebook addicts. Anytime they put on their Hijab and matched it with their bags and shoes, they used to take selfies and share them on their Facebook profile. I often got mesmerised by the comments of people on their posts. The least number of comments when they share their pictures is like 128. So I decided to be like them on Facebook.

Hmmm!!! I mingled and as a result, I met my doom. I started sharing my pictures and within weeks, I gained a large number of followers. Different people started private chatting with me. Most of them are males.

Chats like ‘As-salaam Alaikum sister… I love your swag’, ‘Hi sis, can I have your digits for a better chat?’, ‘Hello beautiful babe in beautiful Hijab, I am Rajeem, tell me more about yourself’… But I have had an orientation at the MSSN programme since the time I was in secondary school that engaging in a premarital relationship when one is not ready for Nikkah is dangerous. And, I have decided not to have a boyfriend until I am ready to engage in marital journey. So, anytime I suspect that a chat from a male has hidden agenda, I won’t reply.

But there was a particular guy, ‘Rajeem’ by name who used to disturb me with his chat often. It was as if he was monitoring all my movement. His chat was the first I will receive early in the morning. Despite the fact that I wouldn’t reply, he would also be the last one to DM me before sleeping. He also used to comment on all my pictures. Comments like “Sweetie, I love your dressing. Can’t wait to meet you”.

Dear friend, his comments were always nauseating but I believed that silence is the best answer for a fool. But there was this day I couldn’t hold my anger, his comment that day made me vex and sent bangers of abusive words to him on his messenger. I abused him like… I abused him and I know that I abused someone stupid. I called him different sort of names. I called him ‘pig, he-goat, senseless fellow, womaniser, foolish, idiot, imbecile, moron…’

Since then, he didn’t chat me up again and I felt reliefed, I saw that I have conquered a war on Facebook.


Another story of my life started while I was in my second semester of 200 level. I slept that unfateful afternoon and had a dream that a guy was having sex with me. I enjoyed the sex to the extent of offing my undies and giving ecstasy sounds. Suddenly, I heard a nock at my door, that was when I realised that I was deep in sleep. Waking from my sleep, I saw myself naked. Hmmm, all my undies were in the floor. But, the door was locked, no one in the room, and… What happened? I questioned myself but no one to answer the stupid question I asked. More unfortunate that day was that my bed was stained with blood followed with semen. I just finished my menstruation a week ago. What is this? I asked myself another stupid question and no one was their to answer.

The nock on my door kept banging. ‘Who is that’, I asked,

“It is me, sister Rubayyah. The door is locked, please open the door” I heard that voice of my neighbour.

“I am coming”, I replied.

As I was about standing from the bed, I felt a sharp pain in my virginal. That was when I realised without doubt that someone has slept with me in the real sense.

Hmmm, dear friend, that was how it started. The problem became worse everyday. At times, this would happen to me like four times in a week. It got to a point that my sexual urge will just got aroused while I was in lecture room, it would got to a point that I won’t be able to control my libido again than to rush down to toilet. Locking myself up in the toilet, I will feel that a guy visited me to have sexual intercourse with me using different style. In the real sense, I would be changing my position so that he can easily penetrate deeply. Once he got satisfied, he would disappear. I would see the semen flowing out from my virginal. I would just clean up myself and left for home.

_To be continued_

Raheem Hameed

August 15, 2021

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