My Life in Social Media Streets (Part 6)

Hmmm! Dear friend, my dad took the pain of fatherhood to explain what happened to me. Without a doubt, my dad is a dad. He still tried to manage his home and office together adding all these challenges to it. He is a true man.

My dad told me that the name of the Jinn is Rajeem. Immediately he mentioned the name, my name quickly connected to the Facebook guy.

“Rajeem!” I exclaimed

“Yes” He responded

“He said you know him very well. He said he met you on Facebook. He said he usually hang out on social media to look for a prey. He said he made use of Instagram and Facebook most. Hmmm, Ajolayo, Rajeem said that he has made use of your pictures to commit different atrocities”.

“Atro what!” I shouted

My younger sister rushed in and asked for what happened. My dad told her that nothing happened, that he was just trying to tell me some gist.

“Then let me join you in the gist dad!” My sister chuckled

“Little colleen, go wash the dishes. I will tell the whole family a beautiful story soon”. My dad said while smiling.

As my younger sister left the room, my dad locked the door from behind, he moved closer to me to continue what happened.

“My babe, the Jinn said that he has used your pictures to scam many men on Facebook and Instagram. He said he has put on your pictures several times to stay by the road sides in the evening as prostitutes to dupe many men. Hmmm… He said” Dad kept mute for some seconds

“He said what dad!” I asked impatiently

“He said he used your image to commit act of robbery at B an B Super Mart and the image was caught on CCTV. Though, he said that he later destroyed the video clip because he wished to use you for some special works.

“Ajolayo, Rajeem said that he was mad at you because you abused him and you called him different sort of names that nobody has ever called him on heart or on social media streets. He said you described him like a snake, that was the name of his mother’s concubine that he killed. Your abusive words hurt him a lot and he decided to make life miserable for you.

He combined love and punishment together to deal with you. Alhamdulillah, he has left but he said that you can’t be yourself immediately. He said he has afflicted your life beyond expectation. He said as he is about living, your libido can’t easily go back to normal, it will take more than two months. As a result, we should avoid you to stay alone with a stranger, be it male or female. In fact, he said that if you see no stranger to have sex with, you may result to engage in masturbation.

Jedeedah, Rajeem said that he didn’t want you to graduate from the university. He wanted to make your life highly miserable. He wanted you to be living in the world of Jinn and people will be seeing you as a mad woman. He said your curves in Hijab is too much to hide. Also, your bust is so attracting than to hide it with a useless hijab. He described you beyond what me, your father, can describe. Hmmm… Jedeedah, Rajeem planned to disfigure you so that no man on earth will think of marrying you again.

My daughter, give thanks to Allah through Imam. He instructed me to delete all your pictures, close your Facebook account and probably open another one for you that won’t contain your pictures. Imam instructed me to make sure that you eat seven Ajwah at least for seven days. He said that you should also be drinking zamzam or we mixed it with other water you are using at home. He requested you always use Zaytun that has black seed for creaming all the time. He sent me a Ruqyah to put on your phone so that you can be listening to it all the time. Imam requested you to be using Niqab from now on, at least for a year if you can’t use it for life”.

I bursted into tears but my dad petted me.

“Dad, I am very sorry”

“No my dear, this is just normal. It has been in my destiny that I will be tried this way. Just make sure that you try your best to observe all these” My dad said and left for Isha.

Dear friend, since then, I deleted Facebook from my phone. I made a vow to Allah that till I will leave this world, I will not make use of Facebook again. Actually, I have a twitter account, but I am faceless on it. I didn’t use my name. Anytime I hear “Facebook” it is as if I hear “Jahanam”.

Al-hamdulillah, I am a final year student now. Though, I missed a session but at least, I am a final year student using a wheel chair. I hope I will work again one day. I believe I will graduate inshaa Allah, I believe I will have a husband soon inshaa Allah. And I believe I will never appear on Facebook again till I die.

Raheem Hameed


*NB:* _I became a friend with the victim when I was in UI. She narrated her story to me when we went for lunch at SUB. She had a parlour wedding four years ago. She was still using Niqab till then. I was informed that she died two weeks ago while in labour room. Her death pained me a lot but I have nothing to say than to pray that ‘Oh Allah, forgive your slave and grant her Jannatu Firdaus’_

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