My Life in Social Media Streets (Part 4)

I was shocked by the Imam’s expression, “Ruqyah!!! Why Ruqyah? I am not mad, I am not crazy, I am not insane, I am not…emm… I mean, those who need Ruqyah are those who are possessed by Jinn! And…  those who are possessed by Jinn are those who are not psychologically balance, probably those who pick papers by the road side; the mad!” I expressed myself loudly.

“Jedeeeedah…” Imam called me. “The Jinn used to affect human being in different ways. They are tricky. Many people are possessed by Jinn but they don’t know. They may be the cause of some people’s failure, they may cause sleepless nights for some, they may raise unnecessary fears in some. In fact, they may increase some females libido while they may decrease some females libido. They often set to destroy happy home, happy individual and even happy friends. Many people are possessed by Jinn but they don’t know. But with Ruqyah therapy, those who are affected by Jinn may realise that they are possessed and if Allah wills, they will be delivered”.

Dear friend, I wasn’t convinced with the Imam explanation. Why will I undergo Ruqyah therapy? I thought that my dad has chosen a wrong solution. I didn’t know what entered me. I just stood from where I sat and ran out of Imam’s house. My dad called me but I didn’t wait. Immediately I got out, I stopped an Okada man, I jumped on the Okada and instructed the rider to speed off.

While the okada man was going on high speed, a car driver manoeuvre his hand to our route, there was a head coalition between the okada man and the car. By the time that I gained consciousness, my leg was hanged at our family hospital. I was in a severe pain. Hmmm

Dear friend, the pain was much. It was too much for me to bear. I was told that I fell under a fuel truck and the okada man died immediately as the fuel truck crushed his head.

Hmmm… I believed in my heart that I killed the Okada man. Yes, I killed him. Because, I was the one who instructed him to increase the speed more and he foolishly listened to me. I don’t know either Allah will forgive me on the Day of _Qiyaamah_. It is in my record of life that I am a murderer. Hmmm.

The Doctor came to my ward and smiled at me. He said; “Jedeedah, how are you feeling now?”

Instead of me to reply, tears was just flowing from my eyes. I couldn’t control my tears. The Doctor left me and discussed with my dad. My dad came to me with smile. He started reciting my lineage praise. My dad doesn’t know when tears started flowing from his eyes. I joined him in the tears.

“Dad, I am very sorry. I am very sorry for running out from Imam’s house. I would have listened to you and waited for the Ruqyah” I tendered apology to my sweet dad in tears.

“Ajolayo, Jedeedah, please stop crying. It isn’t your fault. It is Allah’s wills. Just stop crying. The major hip fracture you sustained may pain you more”.

” Major what!” I shouted.

My dad cried out like a baby. Tears flowed heavily from his eyes till his beard got wet as if he just finished ablution

“Ajolayo! You have sustained major hip fracture. Doctor said that their will be need for artificial replacement of your leg”.

Hearing this, I fainted

_To be continued_

Raheem Hameed


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