My Life in Social Media Streets _(Part 3)_

Dear friend, if not for the fear that Allah may show His anger on me, I might have said that my mum doesn’t worth to be called a mother, she is just opportune to have children. All she is good at is to make sure that the home is tidy, her husband is happy and her business is going smoothly. She is less concern about her children well being. She has no concern on our _’Ibaadah_. She has no concern about the peer groups we moved with.

She hasn’t for once cautioned me from posting my pictures on social media. In fact, she will also press like button and comment positively on all my Facebook post. My mum saw how my father caressed me, how she took me in for private discussion and she didn’t showed interest in knowing what happened to me or tried to find out what my dad and I discussed. Is that a mother or… hmmm, _astagfirullah!!!_ Her discussion is a story of another day. And she will be saying that she is going to weekly programme… Well, let me continue with my story.

Dear friend, within a week that I stayed at home. The incident happened to me twice. But there was this feeling that I have in me. I felt calm after the happenstances as if the solution has been proffered. What made me felt such was that I have shared my predicament with my dad. And I believed that he would come up with a solution. Though, I didn’t know what the solution would be.

It was on a Friday even. After _Asr_ to be precise. My dad drove in, dashing out smile to everyone at home. She called me “Jedeedah my princess, I wish you go with me to ‘The Queen Supermarket’. I have some basic things to buy”

“Sweetie, make sure you shop for me too ooo!” Mum interjected.

“Trust me, you all deserve a special gift from me today inshaa Allah” Dad replied as he picked the car key from the centre table. We both  dashed to the car.

As we were going, my dad requested we firstly branch at Imam Agunbiade’s house and I consented. I was even planning to see Imam’s daughter before as I have a Korean movie (Waiting for Rain) to receive from her phone via Xender.

As we got to Imam’s house, my dad and  I were warmly received by the family. We sat at the sitting room. Imam was watching Al-Jazeera. Mtcheew, Al-Jazeerah is a TV station that I hate. I was praying he changed the station to *Zee World* or *B4U*. Instead, he switched off the TV and directed a question to me:

“Jedeedah, your dad told me the challenges you are facing in school. That is among the major challenges of life. I told him to keep calm as I believe that Allah is in control. In Shaa Allah, I will have to recite _Ayatu Ruqyah_ for you, and I believe that inshaa Allah, Allah will use it as a _sabab_ of goodness.

_To be continued_

Raheem Hameed


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