I heard that Pastor Paul Enenche made this On TB Joshua:


As we bury T.B Joshua today, we must not bury some of the Christ-like virtues that made him outstanding.

I kept thinking throughout the night – was this how Jesus came, performed miracles, fed the poor, healed the sick and did other good works, but the people despised, hated and killed him? I am not equating any man to Jesus, but T.B Joshua demonstrated more Christ-like virtues than many “God’s Chief Registrars, Chiefs of Staff to Jesus, Assistant God, Deputy God” parading our pulpits today as “masters of the universe”.

They told us how ‘evil’ he was, but were silent on his matrimonial success. He had just one wife and they were married for 31 years… This is Christ-like.

They told us how ‘evil’ he was, but were silent when he fed the poor, built hospitals and schools, responded to humanitarian needs on our streets… This is Christ-like.

They told us how ‘evil’ he was, but kept mute on his humility to board the same coastal bus with his team to go for outreaches. This is Christ-like because even Jesus Christ boarded the same boat with his disciples.

They told us how ‘evil’ he was but kept silent when he brought peace to South Sudan. He was a peacemaker. “Blessed are the Peacemakers…”. This is Chris-like.

Not until his death did I know his wife and even children because he never projected his family. His life and preachings projected Christ more than anything else.

He was Christ-like more than many of his critics whose followers know the “Man of God” than they know the God of men. Whose followers know their ‘father in the Lord’ than they know Christ.

People of the World, please show me one T.B Joshua’s enemy. The same people calling him fake have fellow brethren they call enemies. The same people calling him false prophet have fellow ‘genuine’ pastors that they are not in talking terms with. The same people calling him ‘evil’ have fellow Christians they wish death upon… Between these people and T.B Joshua, who is more like Christ?

If Prophet T.B Joshua was ‘evil’ and he healed the sick in the name of Jesus, fed the poor, built hospitals, schools and houses for the needy, brought peace to nations of the earth, then I like his kind of ‘evil.’

Rest in Peace Prophet T.B Joshua!

Enenche Enenche

Abuja, Nigeria


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