How to Raise Better Future Generation

If you have a daughter, you must read this

*I just read this story on how a daughter was raised and decided to share.*

My Dad always *sounds* it in my ears “Simi, you must be *tough.* Being *girlish* and being *ladylike* is not an excuse for *weakness”.* This he still says to I and my sisters till this very day.

All the children were *raised* to do the *”masculine”* as well as the *”feminine”* tasks.

My sisters and I started *winding* a 15KVA generator as soon as we got one. I *learnt* how to wash a *car* (internal and external) before the *age of 16*.

I started *learning driving* immediately after *secondary* school. My Dad told me that before he allows me drive out *independently,* that I must learn to change *car tyres.*

I remember I was forming *ajebutter* and my Dad said to me “If you are *driving* on a lonely *highway* and you need to change your *tyre*, what would you do? You will have to get down and change it…. that’s the *common sense* thing to do. It’s a *survival skill* for drivers.

*My brother?*

He started *washing* the dishes as soon as he could reach the sink and *handle* the dishes.

He started cooking *simple meals* before the *age of 10.* He started *washing* his socks and under wears before the *age of 7.*

He started *handling his laundry* before the *age of 11*, when he had to go to *boarding* school.

In my house, the rule was (still is) that *anyone who eats* must be able to get *involved in the kitchen*, when required.

My father tells me I can be *president,* not *first lady.* There is nothing wrong with being a first lady, but there’s also nothing wrong with being the *husband* of the president.

Thus, if you tell your *son* that he can be president, you should also tell your *daughter* that she can be president.

The *hidden but significant psychology* behind this is that telling your daughter that she can be president pushes her to be *great,*

*_while telling her that she can be a_*

 *first lady*

pushes her to aspire to marry a *great man,*

and probably *reduces* the needed inspiration to aspire to exercise her maximum potentials.

We need not *teach our girls* to believe that the best they can be is to *exist under the success of a man,* their husbands.

It is *disfavor* to *humanity* to raise your son with the *impression* that he is better than other females..

Raise your daughters to understand that they are not *inferior to males.*

Teach your sons to be as *domesticated* as your daughters,

_and push your daughters


*attain financial independence*

as much as you push your sons.

This way, we will raise a *less entitled*:

and *more responsible* generation,

*equipped* with all vital survival skills,

and with less *handicaps.*

*Charity* begins at *home*, not in the *offices* or *work places.*

Go tell it to the *world*, over the hills and everywhere

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