Fear as a Root of Anger

Fear as a Root of Anger

Fear is the ultimately underlying source of anger. If you have a mental illness, substance abuse problem, or difficulty with managing your anger fear is the source of your problem. When you learn to deal with fear then you are taking the steps to take control of your life by taking control of your anger. One of the best solutions for dealing with fear itself is to use rational self-talk techniques. If you are a person that strives on negative thinking, such as oh well, that is the way it is and it was going to happen anyway, there is nothing I can do about it. If this is you then you need to rethink this statement, since in most instances, you can prevent or else you can change what happens in your life.

This negative thinking leads nowhere and often increases a person’s chance of exploding when anger develops. Most people are shallow in the mind when they refuse to see the positive in life. If you believe that you are hopeless, which is obvious in the above statement then your anger will rule you and you will always have additional problems in life. If you go to a bar, drink a few beers, leave and are pulled over you cannot say oh well, that is the way it is. You set yourself up for the failure and heartache, therefore if you would have took a designated driver or took a cab home this would not have happen in the first place.

If you are the type of person that lives off if then you are also setting yourself up for failure. What if the sun drops from the sky tomorrow and never reappears. This irrational thinking leads nowhere and creates a fear. What if the sun dropped from the sky tomorrow and never reappears? Therefore, what, you cannot do anything about. Change what you can change and leave what you cannot change alone. One day at a time, my friend is where it is happening. A person might set them self up for anger eruptions by pondering on something that was done a week ago.

Let go and let free your self from the pressure, since you cannot undo what has already been done. It is gone so why worry about last week when today is here. It is important to learn to appreciate what you have and what you do, rather to stress your self over things that are not in your control. If you have difficulty, making decisions you might want to remember that we all have to make decisions in life. Decisions mean that a problem is current and needs to be resolved.

This does not mean that world has tumble, rather it means you need to take the steps for solving the problems. You could start by evaluating the problem carefully. What does the problem entail? Next you can review your choices for solving the problem and pull out your resources to deal with it. After you have finished you will want to collect all necessity needed to resolve the problem. Finally, you will need to review you choices, decisions, the problem, and all the needed information to resolve the problem.

Once you come to a conclusive decision then take the step to handle the issue right away. Putting things off only makes matters worse. If you made a good decision and outcome prove fruitful, be sure to pat your self on the back for doing a good job. Do not linger on what if, since if it has not happen yet, it probably never will. On the other hand, if it does happen it might be a result of your decision, attitude, behavior, et cetera. This does not mean the problem cannot be addressed and changed to make your life livable. Life is full of problems and we all have our share to deal with. Do not let your emotions get the better of you by allowing your anger to control your life. Remember fear is the root of anger and when you master fear, you are on your way to success. Finally, fear is healthy if it is used wisely.

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