Difference between an American Facebook Post and a Nigerian Facebook Post.

Difference between an American Facebook post

and a Nigerian Facebook Post.


Hello, my name is Sandra Stone, I am from New

York, I love my husband so much and I can do

Anything to please him. But recently I am falling for

his cousin, what should I do?


James Silva : I think u need to talk to your

husband because marriage is all about


Sarah water : Oh my dear, sorry about that.. Have

been in your shoes before, I had to wake up and

face the fact that I am married.

Michael paper : well just remove your mind from

him and make your husband do the things you like

in his cousin..


My name is Aisha Abdullahi yahaya, i stay in Bida, married with

a kid, I think I am falling for my husband’s cousin!

What should I do?


Aisha Mohammed : Fool, love na food?

Hauwa Umar : You are a disgrace to

womanhood..shame on u.

Abubakar Idris : Any news about the ASUU strike?

Aliyu musa manko : If you want to fall for me too, call my

no: 0708312….

TYABO: I no blame u at all, better go find

something do with your life, fall koor, stand nii

Ahmad Alfa: Abeg who get Techno charger (Pin mouth)

Baba Alamiji: Come to my spiritual house for

cleansing your village people have cursed you..

Ashapha Daniya : Allah ya thine miki, Anya ke yar

Musulma ce kuwa? Allah ya kyauta.

Segun Binomo: this is legit and it’s paying, invest

with Binomo and get paid in 45 min WhatsApp

number 0903478****

20k get 40

30 get 60

50k get 100

Nura Harix: Gaskiya you are so cute pls Add


Mohammed sagir: Auction Auction, Toyota Camry

500k, Toyota Corolla 600k, Mercedes Benz E

class 800k, Cement whole sale, rice wholesale

Bello Musa Tukur: You are a prostitute, you need a deliverance!

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