Deeper into the Mind of Anger

Deeper into the Mind of Anger

Many scientists, so-called experts, philosophers and so forth tell us all about anger and anger management, but do they really give you the inside stories? We have people all over the world with anger issues, some mild, some extreme and some within the normal emotion of anger. We hear all the symptoms of anger, which include kicking, fighting, slapping, verbally abusing, mentally abusing, and so on. We hear reports around the world about the many episodes related to violent in the criminal system. Finally, we hear the many reports about how to deal with anger.

First, anger is an emotion that acts on impulses. Anger is good, until it becomes unmanageable. This happens when a person feels displeasured and acts out on the impulses of his or her emotions radically. However, there are some persons angry as a direct result of negligence. We can see an example with the person that strikes out against a cable company. The person for more than three months dealt with the issues involved with the company, self, and another party.

The person was paying a bill in someone else’s name and the company refused to give her rights back to her, by putting her service, which she ordered in her own. She went through a series of changes, and finally when she did as instructed the company advised her that she would take full responsibility of the property belonging to the company. This meant that the service on the bill, which she did not order, rather only one portion of the order belonged to her, yet she was asked to take full responsibility of the property. Now, she was in no position to get her hands on the other portion of the property since she did not live at the residence.

Finally, she erupted and told the company off, walking hasty out the front door, mumbling you stupid idiots. This person was pushed to anger and this happens too many times in society, yet the world only views the angered persons. We can look at other theories about anger, and see that the blanks are not filled in. When a person has an anger issue, he or she does not act out everyday.

Rather, in most instances the person builds up to the point of exploding. Often a person will go for a week, month, or longer before they explode in anger. If the person has mental illnesses, alcohol or drug problems this contributes to the anger issues, however in many cases the person does not act out every day. Therefore, we can see that not only do we need to teach anger management against the anger; we also must teach the persons to approach each problem as it occurs. Procrastination comes in many forms and it includes putting off emotions to the boiling point.

Many persons that are violent because of uncontrolled anger often have a dangerous mental illness underlying the anger. Many persons that are angry because of negligence have a degree of control, and it usually does not include violence. However if the person is pushed hard enough this may occur. Anger is the process of expressing emotions, however when a person is angry they may have difficulty relating to the underlying reason for the anger. If the person can see the problem, addresses it, and receives no results, obviously this person has a right to feel angry. The person may have said to the company worker never mind I will be talking with my lawyer.

After going through many problems with the company, it is obviously that the person needed a third party to intervene. Now, if this person hires a lawyer the first noted report will be the woman’s behavior regardless of the months she spent talking nice to these people without results. Her rights were violated and ignored and no one was listening. This is definitely enough to make anyone angry. The system is always dishing out garbage and it is often frustrating. Most people in the world listen to what they want to hear and ignore what is said. This is also frustrating. We need to listen to all the details before talking anger.

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