Anger Management Delusions

Anger Management Delusions

Courts are often misconstrued on criminals, and it often leads to destruction rather than recovery.

One man was taking to court for violent behavior, simply because another grabbed his girlfriend in an inappropriate on an area of her body, and he responded out of courtesy to her and to his traditions. Once he went to court, placed on probation, jail time, courts and fines, and after being evaluated by a professional, he claims that the professional said, “He did not have anger problems.” The man has a history of alcoholism, drugs, and child abuse. The counselor told him that he did not have anger problems; rather he had a problem with alcohol and drugs. Another source claims that he had issues, and they were never addressed appropriately, and that anger management classes only made him angrier.

The problem with the first guy was that he was fighting for respect since this is how he was raised, and the courts ignored him. They focused on the money rather than understanding what he was dealing with and over dramatized the entire case. This happens every single time that a person goes to court. The courts automatically assume that a person has a problem once they commit a crime. The first man has never acted out violently in his history unless someone disrespected someone he loved. Therefore, he does not have anger problems; he has a problem that goes deeper than anger.

The system is nothing more than a gimmick to earn money, and often will take full advantage of a single mistake. The man was an ex-marine that was taught to KILL and to fight, and yet he is not the one with anger. All he ever wanted was for people to leave him alone, and leave alone the ones that he loves. That is all he asks for, and so the ones with anger problem, are not the ones always sitting in an office being evaluated. Most anger problems are stemmed from another source and often this is ignored. They often do not see what the other person did to anger or provoke the person involved in the assault. Therefore, it is always placed on the victim rather than the perpetrator, and this would piss anyone off.

The files of Cass County Michigan alone (Corrupted Police and Justice Systems) has hit the charts abroad the Internet, and this is often ignored, while the so-called criminals are hit with persecution for the rest of their lives. The problem then is not the individuals suffering with anger issues, it is the system that is ignoring the truths and subjecting the perpetrators and victims to control. After carefully evaluating the first man spoken of in this article, I see that the person does not have an anger problem; rather he has symptoms far more complicated than what anger others have to offer. Let’s take a close look at anger and what it really means, before we diagnose another individual of anger problems. The terms as illustrated in Webster Dictionary are “to make angry,” and/or “to become anger.”

As you can see, ANGER is a source triggered by another source. (This is by no means an excuse for anyone to abuse another person, as no one has that right). In most cases of Domestic Violence, the perpetrator has a serious mental illness that often includes Anger, but other circumstances are involved. This person was not a mental health issue, rather a victim of circumstance, and needs to address is denial of alcoholism.

Anger management is controlling a source that is causing trouble. If you want to control sources, you need to address the many issues involved. There are many types of people in the world with various diagnoses, and often it is ignored. The controversy lies between acceptance and denial and someone has to deal with it, yet few ever do. The problem then is alcohol is the underlying source of anger in some cases, but the overlying problem is deeper than what most really want to address. Anger is a problem but to understand the source you MUST address all underlying and overlying triggers and problems that are involved to deal with the problem.

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