Anger Consumes Time

Anger Consumes Time

When we are mad, we are consuming our energy and time on negative forces that may or may not prove results. Anger is an emotion that we all have and when we use anger to our advantage, it often takes us further than blowing up in an uproar. Anger that strikes, hits, punches, curses, assaults emotions and so forth are negative anger that causes more problems. Dealing with emotions and anger is never easy when we have probable cause to become ignited. When others hurt our feelings, attack our intellect, and take advantage of us it can upset anyone. We are facing problems that include, anger, prejudice, mental illnesses, substance abuse and crime everyday.

However, negative anger can only hurt and rarely help anyone. For example, we can look back on September 11 when a group of men acting out on anger affected the entire world. Instead of resolving their problems, they added more problems to everyone’s life. See when you expose uncontrolled anger you are not only hurting your self you are hurting other people.

Anger is increasingly causing more problems for our entire world. Since we are dealing with terrorist, serial murders, child and spouse abuse and other types of violence, we know that the world is heading for disaster unless someone comes up with the master plan to deal with all the anger surfacing the earth. We can see anger has interrupted many lives and continues as we engage in wars. We have professional leaders that are unable to deal with anger since when a problem occurs violence is the ultimate result.

Looking back at September 11, we can see that anger played a large role on both sides. The terrorist from another country was mad and acted on their anger taking revenge and all this was based on a belief. The American government retaliated and now we are still fighting almost six years later and little was resolved. What if the leaders were able to negotiate and talk out their problems with each other?

If both sides would have shown more responsible and maturity anger would not have caused the many problems it did in this event. We can ask is there a way that the problem could have been dealt with. Yes, there probably was, but anger took control. We can also look back in history and review the other wars that plagued our system. The wars always affect us all in some way. The anger that is issued by one party or group played a large role in everyone’s life. It affects the economy, the environment, parents, teachers, children and anyone that is touched by anger.

If we are going to get ahead in life, we have to find a way that deals with anger on all individualities. Anger is a sign of mental illness, substance abuse and common society. Some of us act out violently while others of us find a more suitable way to deal with our problems. If we use anger positively we are sure to have a much more productive life. In a way, we all rely on each other whether it is directly or indirectly. If you have a problem with anger, there are anger management classes to rely on, or mental health experts waiting to help you deal with your anger. If you have substance abuse issues that contribute to anger then alcohol and drug classes are free of charge to help you learn how to deal with your stress and anger.

The people that attend most these meetings have their own problems and have found a way to deal with them more effectively. Anger rules the world at this point since we are all touched by the violence that plagues our system, but if we all take the first step to dealing with our emotions and anger then our lives will benefit us all. If you know someone that is dealing with anger show the person some patients and help him or her find the help they need before it is too late. Remember negative anger consumes our time, burns our energy and often wastes our money.

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