Advice To all Sisters, Married and Singles, Young and adult. Listen up

To all Sisters.

Married and Singles

Young and adult

Listen up

Don’t be the Wife that stands by her Husband in times of problems, rather be that wife that gets problems out of his way, why stand by him in solidarity when you can kneel & do the needful?

#ThePraying Wife

He called you & said; Honey, I just lost the contract that we invested all our savings on.

Don’t start shouting; What?

How manage?

What happened?

Oh my God!

Just tell him; it is OK Darling, we will find the lost contract, go on your knees,

get the contract back 4 him!

ThePraying Wife

After years of marriage, nothing changed positively in your home? Then retreat, get on your knees, as a wife, you are a good thing & whoever finds you walked into favor with God.

TheWailing Wife

Deborah was not just a wife, she was a prophetess, a judge & a warrior.

Warrior On Knees

Even if you think you married an idiot “in your ignorance”, don’t die lamenting.

Get on your knees and restore his head back to factory setting.

You can’t be wrong twice!

#TheWailing Wife

It is good to package so that he won’t cheat,

It is good to cook well so that he won’t look outside,

It is ‘Better’ to be submissive so that he adores you, but it is ‘Best’ to kneel on his behalf until you ward off danger.

As a wife, Stay in the kitchen,

Stay in the bedroom,

Stay in your dress sense,

Stay in your intelligence, But Stay more on your knees.

Be your husband’s prayer alarm.

Until your son says; I want a wife as my mother, you didn’t get it right as a mother!

TheVirtous Wife

No matter how Romantic you are, if you are not Romantic in the place of prayer, get ready for Rheumatism.

Get On Your Knees

Sisters, you are not just a wife and a mother, you are also a minister!

Let your lips be painted with prayer not the lipstick! If you know the power of praying the word, you will keep your territory under intense heat.

Be your husband’s retreat center.

Be a good woman indeed!

You will not fail as a Sister, as a Mother and as a Wife in marriage by God’s grace .

God bless you as you


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