Many women believe there is wound literally in the stomach or abdomen after birth, they resort to so many preparations and concoctions to heal this wound that is left in the stomach after birth.

Sometimes trying to heal this wound rather bring them more issues since the stomach does not really play a part during labor. Is  it the uterus they call stomach or this is to help new mum take good care of themselves.?Let’s learn

During birth the baby is in the uterus/womb and attached to the mother via the placenta. The placenta is what connects mum and baby. After baby is born in the 2nd stage of labor , the 3rd stage follows which is the birth of the placenta.

After the birth of the placenta the uterus continues to contract which makes it smaller, the smaller it becomes the more bleeding is also prevented. So literally we are more concerned about the place where the placenta detached to heal properly and regain its strength.

Within the next six weeks after birth contractions will continue and the uterus will continue to become smaller. The uterus sheds of all the left over blood gradually over time and it’s called lochia. It is a natural process and will cleanse itself. The tips you will need to make sure you are safe and free from infection include

Strict personal hygiene, bath twice daily

Change pad frequently and wear clean cotton panties

Take prescribed medications, examples pain medications,haematenics, antibiotics etc. (Please know the medications you are given depends on the individuals situation)

Eat nutritious meals rich in vitamins and minerals to promote healing

Passive exercise, like walking, and deep breathing exercise

 Report immediately

if you have severe bleeding, pain or offensive discharge

Remember, breastfeeding helps the uterus to contract after birth. Breastfeed baby

Rest is also medicine. Get people to help you so you can have enough rest

These basic things will keep you healthy, there is literally no #wound in your stomach. You only need to take care of your self after birth. If you feel sick talk to your midwife/doctor .

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