Seed cycling is a natural method of balancing the female sex hormone that is out of whack.

From day 1-14 of your menstrual cycle you need more estrogen in order to build up our endometrium(uterus lining).This is called follicular phase.

FLAX and PUMPKIN SEEDS will naturally increase our good estrogen level.Eat 2 table spoons of each seed.Flax has omega 3 and lignan while pumpkin has high content of zinc.

From day 15-28 called the luteal phase,corpus luteum begins to increase progesterone, this helps to thicken the uterus lining and prepare it for implantation.

Eat 2 table spoons of  sesame also called Beni seed and sunflower seeds. Sesame has high content of zinc and omega 6 while sunflower has high content of vitamin E and omega 6.

Excess stress ie emotional,physical or chemical  leading to excess cortisol release,environmental toxins,poor diet,food sensitivities such as milk,digestive issues e.g constipation,bloating,high coffee or alcohol consumption can all contribute to irregular or painful period and infertility.

Seed cycling helps to bring back periods that have stopped,regularises periods,heals fibroids,cysts,endometriosis etc.

In a perfectly healthy woman,the menstrual cycle and estrogen/progesterone production will happen naturally with no help or intervention.

Seeds are very nutritious and should be added to our diet on daily basis.

Seeds are 100% safe and natural with no side effect.

I hope you got value from the post..

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