1) The body is able to produce a hormone (Melatonin) which fights diseases in the body while asleep at night in the dark only.

2) While asleep in the dark, the brain cells are able to rejuvenate back to their original state ( cells which were damaged due to excessive sunlight and electricity) and function properly.

3) A study shows that Intelligent people all over the world do not sleep at night with lights on. *Take note*

4) Sleeping in the dark or without light at night, helps the body to fight Insomnia (check the meaning)

5) Melatonin decreases in the day time due to the presence of sun light. Hence you should not allow light at night when the body is ready to produce it again.

6) Melatonin tells us its time to sleep. Lack of it causes sleeplessness.

7) Sleeping without light at night, makes an individual look fresh, lives longer and looks younger all the times. (Healthy).

Learn to sleep at night without light for your good. Nothing bad happens to those who practice it. Don’t be scared.

*Please dont keep this to yourself* Share!!! Health is Wealth, Someone need to read this!

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